Ruth Akierman

Ruth Akierman, Mortgage Agent

Speaks: English


Toronto Tel: (416) 455-2314
Calgary Tel:  (403) 667-5157

Growing up, Ruth Akierman thought she had her career path fully laid out. She watched her father build a thriving medical practice and would follow his footsteps by pursuing a degree in the science field. That was until a change of heart inspired a drastic shift in career path that saw her build a successful career in the mortgage business.

“There’s five of us in the family and we were all science majors, but I eventually realized that I had a passion for finance, and since university, that’s all I’ve done.” Specifically, Ruth took on a role at a foreign exchange firm immediately after completing a Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology from the University of Calgary, in 2002. She remained in the forex field until opportunity knocked once more, this time with a mortgage brokerage where she built a robust practice over several years. Intent on learning every aspect of the business, Ruth also took on a position with a residential development firm, where she worked directly with home buyers to set up mortgage financing for their new home purchases.

These positions opened her eyes to the potentially life-changing advice that mortgage brokers can deliver to their clients. “I quickly learned that people didn’t fully understand the financial tools at their disposal,” she recalls. “A home is the biggest purchase that most of them would ever make, but if they were with one of the big banks, they’d be paying unnecessarily high fees without ever thinking about other financing options.”

As an Outline Financial mortgage agent, Ruth leverages her diverse finance background to help our clients maximize their financial opportunities. “It’s not just about the house they’re buying today, but when they plan to eventually sell, or perhaps even rent the property,” she says of the various considerations that home buyers need to factor into their decisions. “It’s about helping them obtain a mortgage that fits their lifestyle goals.”

What Ruth wants you to know about Outline Financial:  “Everything we do is a team effort,” she explains. “I work in a success-driven environment where everyone is open and willing to lend their expertise whether they’ve been in the industry for 20 years or just two. There’s a ton of support here and that allows us to provide excellent customer service. We don’t have any small or large clients. We treat everyone equally, offering the same quality and respect, no matter the size of the mortgage.”

Here’s what you may not know about Ruth: After spending more than a decade living in Calgary, Ruth was excited to return to her hometown of Toronto—she missed the city’s diversity, multicultural flare and vibrant downtown. Ruth spends her time away from the office doing bikram yoga, rollerblading and exploring Toronto’s many vibrant neighbourhoods with her family—including three kids—where she enjoys everything from strolling along the shores of Lake Ontario to checking out the city’s hottest galleries and shops.